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Provider Amount Price / 1,000 Price
BuySocialMediaMarketing 10 Random Comments $299.00 $2.99
BuzzVoice 5 Custom Comments $794.00 $3.97
GetAFollower 10 Comments $200.00 $2
MediaMister 10 Random Comments $200.00 $2
amediasocial 10 Comments $399.00 $3.99
BuySocialMediaMarketing 5 Custom Comments $598.00 $2.99
BuzzVoice 10 Random Comments $547.00 $5.47
GetAFollower 10 Custom Comments $300.00 $3
MediaMister 10 Custom Comments $300.00 $3
amediasocial 20 Comments $399.50 $7.99

Top 5 Websites For Buying Facebook Comments

BuySocialMediaMarketing 13 packages offered
from $2.99 Free Trial available
BuzzVoice 17 packages offered
from $3.97
GetAFollower 8 packages offered
from $2
MediaMister 8 packages offered
from $2
amediasocial 4 packages offered
from $3.99

Positive and Negatives to Buying Facebook Comments

The Positives

  • Buying Facebook comments can boost the engagement on your posts, making them appear more popular and relevant.

  • Higher engagement signals to Facebook's algorithm that your content is valuable, potentially leading to increased visibility in users' feeds.

  • A significant number of comments can create the impression of social proof, indicating that your content is interesting and worth interacting with.

  • Buying comments can expedite the growth of your Facebook page by creating a positive perception and attracting more organic interactions.

  • Higher comment counts can prompt more users to join the conversation, fostering a sense of community around your content.

  • Purchased comments can attract attention from potential collaborators, partners, or clients, facilitating networking opportunities.

  • The appearance of active engagement contributes to a positive perception of your brand, encouraging users to view your content as relevant and interesting.

  • Buying comments is a time-efficient strategy, providing a quick boost in engagement compared to waiting for organic interactions.

The Negatives

  • Users may become skeptical if they notice an unusually high number of comments without corresponding likes or shares, leading to decreased trust in your content.

  • Purchased comments may not always align contextually with your content, creating a disconnect between the content and the comments received.

  • Relying solely on bought comments may hinder the development of authentic connections with your audience, limiting genuine conversations.

  • The effects of purchased comments may be temporary, requiring sustained efforts to maintain authentic and organic interactions for long-term growth.

  • Relying solely on purchased comments may lead to a focus on engagement metrics over meaningful interactions, potentially affecting the quality of your audience engagement.

  • A sudden surge in engagement may appear unnatural to users, raising questions about the authenticity of your audience and interactions.

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