How To See How Many Followers You Have On Facebook? (3 Easy Steps)

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Success on social media is highly dependent on the amount of followers you have. Finding follower count on Instagram and Twitter(X) is easy. But it's not a straightforward process on Facebook.

So, how can you check how many followers you have on Facebook?

The Follow feature on Facebook is an incredible tool to improve your account growth. With this feature, Facebook users get updates of your content.

It also tells you about your target audience and how you can fulfill their needs. But, many people are confused about finding the exact number of followers on Facebook.

In this blog, we'll tell you how to see Facebook followers using mobile and browser. 

How do you See How Many Followers You Have On Facebook On Your Phone?

You can use the Facebook app to check your follower count and get a detailed list of everyone following you. But why is going into so much detail important?

Because you can check fluctuations in your followers with time, if someone unfollows, you can check this list. To check how many followers you have on Facebook using your phone, follow these steps.

Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android. After opening the app, log in to your account using your email or phone number. If you're automatically signed in, then skip this step.

You'll see your profile picture in the top-left corner of the page. It's right below the Facebook logo. Click on it.

Now click on See your About info. You can find it under the heading 'Details.' Now, scroll to the end of the page. You'll see all your followers listed at the bottom. But you might not see a full list.

What should you do then?

Click on See All, and a complete list of followers will appear.

But if you don't have more followers, you'll not get the button to see all.

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How To See How Many Followers You Have On Facebook On Your Desktop?

You can also see Facebook followers through the browser. But the procedure is somewhat different from checking followers on mobile. Here's how you can check your Facebook followers on the browser.

Open your internet and type www.facebook.com in the address bar of your browser. If your account is not automatically signed in, then login to your account. Now, your Facebook news feed will open.

Navigate your Profile page. Tap your name and profile picture. You'll find this at the top of the left navigation panel. It's in the upper left corner of your browser and will direct you to your profile.

Now tap the More drop-down, and you'll see many profile options. Right now, you should look for the Followers option and click on it. All your followers' accounts will show up on the screen.

But if you're not getting the followers option, then what should you do?

It means you don't have followers at the moment, so this feature is unavailable for you.

How To Check Who Follows You On Facebook Business Page?

Facebook rolled in a new update, which is the New Pages Experience. You can easily see your followers and their engagement with your content. You won't see Facebook fans for long, so you must understand important metrics, especially follower count.

But how is this different?

Fans are those individuals who used to like your page. But later on, they unfollow you so that they won't see your content anymore.

It means you should know your active followers and cater to their needs. That's why we'll share two ways through which you can check Facebook followers of your Business Page.

#1 Method

Open your Facebook page and tap on More. You'll see more details and an option to gain quick details about the community.

Click on that option, and you can check the number of followers. Furthermore, you can also check the content followers posted and posts you were tagged in.

#2 Method

The second method to find followers is checking your Facebook insights. Open Facebook Insights, which will tell you in-depth about follower metrics.

On the left-hand side, tap on Insights. Then you'll see an option for People. Click on it.

Remember that some Facebook pages might have a fans option. But it'll eventually stop on all Facebook pages.

What Are The Types of Followers On Facebook?

When discussing getting a list of Facebook followers, you should know which type of followers.

Basically, there are three major types of followers, and understanding these is important because that's how you can tell which follower fits the criteria of your target audience.

All personal profiles have a friend option, which you might already know. But with a friend option, there's also a Follow option. In the past, the only way to interact with profiles was to add them as friends. But not anymore.

Facebook added the Follow option for personal profiles. You only need to enable the settings, and then people can easily follow you. These followers can see your posts and engage with them. But you're not forced to see their posts in the feed.

But what's the significance of this feature?

It's suitable for people who want to build a personal brand but don't want to remove their friends and family from their accounts.

The second following is similar to RSS-like follow, but the only difference is it's for Facebook Pages. It includes pages of brands, institutes, celebrities, etc.

Suppose you go to a page and click on the Like option, and you'll also get a Follow option. This audience is most often interested in your content and engages the maximum.

Have you noticed that whenever you like a page, you automatically follow them as well? However, you can unfollow the page without unliking it. You can also follow the page without liking it.

What does that even mean?

Suppose you like a page, and then that page appears in your interests. So you're now part of their target audience. Their advertising campaigns can also target you. If you follow the page, you'll see their posts in your news feed.

Remember that 'people who like my page' and 'people who follow my page' are completely different groups.

Difference Between Facebook Friends And Followers

By now, you might clearly know who Facebook Followers and Facebook Friends are. But let's look at some primary differences that you should keep in mind.

AspectFacebook FriendsFacebook Followers
Connection TypeMutual agreement requiredOne-sided – no mutual agreement needed
News Feed VisibilityFriends see each other's posts in the News FeedFollowers see public or shared content
CommunicationDirect messaging is two-wayOne-way communication, followers to user only
Profile InfomationAccess to more personal information on profilesLimited access, depending on privacy settings
NotificationsReceive notifications for friends' activitiesMay not receive notifications for all updates

How do you limit who can see your followers?

You can apply this process to limit the number of followers who access your content. You can limit followers from commenting and limiting likes on your posts. Now, check these sections to make changes.

Click on your profile picture. It's in the top right corner. Click on Settings and Privacy. Next, tap on Settings.

Click on Public Posts, which is in the left column. To enable followers, click Public in the Who Can Follow Me section. In the public posts comments section, you can limit the number of followers who comment on your posts. It's important to choose an appropriate audience for your post's comments. Here's what each stands for:

  • Public: Anyone can engage with your profile.
  • Friends of friends: Your friends of friends can engage.
  • Friends: If you choose friends, then only your friends can engage.

Moreover, you'll also see the Me option. This option is when only you can get access to commenting or engaging on your profile.

Likewise, for notifications, you can choose the type of notifications you receive.

When you click on friends, a drop-down menu will show up. You can choose one that aligns with your Facebook page goals.

Click on the menu button, which is on the right corner of your phone. Click on Settings and Privacy. Tap Settings.

Next, click on Followers and Public Content. There are some sections you should check.

  • Who can follow me: Make it public so people can follow you easily.
  • Who can see your followers on the timeline: Change it to public if you want everyone to see your followers count. If you want only your followers to see followers count, then change it to friends.
  • Public post comments: You can limit the number of people who comment on your posts. By choosing public, you allow everyone to comment. Meanwhile, by selecting friends of friends, your friends of friends can comment. As for friends, only your followers will be able to comment.
  • Public post notifications: With this, you can get notifications whenever someone follows, reposts, or comments on your posts. You can choose a suitable option accordingly.
  • Public profile info: If you want only limited people to comment or like your content, then choose one option from here.

If this doesn't work, then open your Facebook account and look for the Audience and Visibility option. Here, you can add privacy for stories, reels, tagging, etc.

How do you enable and disable profile followers on Facebook?

If you're still unable to see any Facebook followers, then there's a high possibility that you haven't allowed anyone to follow you. So how can you change it?

Here's how you can change it on the browser and mobile.

Login to your Facebook account on the browser. Tap the profile arrow, which is on the top right. Now select Settings & Privacy.

Click Settings and then choose the Public Posts option. Now, a section on who can follow me will appear. From here on, you should select Public, and now you've activated the followers option.

Open your Facebook profile and tap on the Menu tab. Click on Settings and Privacy. Tap on the Settings option.

Now you'll find Followers and public content options. Tap on it, and here you'll find the Who Can Follow Me section.

If you want anyone to follow you, then change it to Public. To deactivate followers, you should tap on the Friends option.

Why Can’t I See Followers on My Profile?

You've followed all the steps and logged in using a desktop and even a browser, but you don't see any Facebook followers. Why is that happening?

The most common reason behind this is not having any followers. You probably won't see any related features if you don't have any followers.

If that's not the case, try updating your Facebook app from the App Store or Play Store.

This feature is also unavailable for fresh Facebook accounts because these accounts don't have followers.

Another reason is that your privacy settings don't allow Facebook users to follow your Facebook account or Page. So, you should change your privacy settings.

Can I Remove Unwanted Followers?

You've found followers count and their details. But you don't want specific people to follow you. So what should you do? Can you remove them?


Currently, Facebook doesn't allow users to delete or remove unwanted followers.

But there's one solution.

You can block them. They won't be able to follow or message you by blocking them. Moreover, your content will not be visible to them.

Here's how you can do this.

Go to your Followers list. Click on the profile you want to remove or block. Tap on the More icon and click on Block. Tap on the Block again to confirm.

If you want to remove someone from following you, follow the above process. Block and then unblock the user. That's how the user will no longer be your follower.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Facebook Follower Count?

Knowing your follower count is extremely important. It helps you better understand your audience and use your Facebook account to maximum advantage.

  • Audience Understanding: Gain insights into your Facebook followers' demographics, interests, and behaviors. Thus allowing you to tailor your content to align with their preferences.
  • Content Relevance: Create and share content that is engaging and resonates with your audience. It increases the likelihood of interaction and positive responses.
  • Targeted Marketing: Utilize the knowledge of your follower demographics to create more effective and targeted marketing campaigns. It helps in reaching the right audience with precision.
  • Strategic Communication: Adjust your communication strategy based on the demographics and behaviors of your followers. It ensures that your messages reach and appeal to the right audience.
  • Community Building: Actively engage with your followers to foster community. Building relationships can increase loyalty and advocacy for your brand or page.

A Follow from a Facebook user is like a vote of confidence. If you have more followers, then people subconsciously start trusting you. Not only this, it makes you an authority figure in the niche.

That's why you should know your followers count. Understand their pain points and curate content they love. You can use many organic strategies to grow your follower count. But these are usually time-consuming. That's why most people purchase high-quality Facebook followers, which usually works like a charm.

After finding your followers count, make sure to keep them engaged. You can also set privacy preferences to control which content is available for followers.

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